Marx.js is a small JavaScript plugin for developers building web applications with long forms, giving them the ability to populate any and all the fields in their forms easily with Marx Brothers' names, years of their movies and quotes from those movies.

JavaScript Solution for HTML Form Testing


Populate Inputs → Populate an appropriate value for an input field based on the name attribute. For example, text inputs with names, email, number, and date fields with the like.

Randomized Selections &rarr HTML form elements such as, Select Boxes, Radio Buttons and Check Boxes are populated randomly every time.

Marx Ipsum Generator → Generate randomized paragraphs of filler text chock full of Marx Brothers' gems, pulled from the many monologues of their 14 films.

Positioning → Not everyone's application is the same, so you have the option of setting the position of the control panel to any of the browser corners.

Toggle Controls → One button can populate an entire form, or for more versatility, use the control panel to target individual input types, display hidden fields, expand select boxes, and clear form values.

Marx Images → Download random images of everyone's favorite Vaudeville acting team.


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