Empires At War

A Flash/ActionScript game that I am creating based off a number of turn-based strategy games. Such as, the Total War series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Civilization.

Users will have the option of seven different empires and one unlock-able empire. The empires immediately available to players include; Rome, Greece, Egypt, the Mongols, Japan, the Gaul and Carthage. Each empire has their own strengths and weakness. All the empires have standard units such as peasant infantry, spearmen, archers, light and heavy cavalry and even sorcerers, but each empire has their own set of unique troops. A few examples can be seen off to the right.

Players will start the game on a randomly generated map and depending on the difficulty that they choose will have multiple armies, a settler (used to build cities) and a city.

Empires At War is built on Flash using ActionScript 3.0, the TweenLite/TweenMax libraries, MySQL and Ruby on Rails. Using a Rails/MySQL back-end will allow players to save their game and come back to the site when they are ready.


Players need to build up their armies to defend their empire and also to conquer enemies. Depending on the empire chosen, the player can create vast armies of Mongol Cavalry, War Elephants and even Gallic Druids


  • Custom Graphics
  • XML
  • Flash/ActionScript 3
Empires At War Empires At War Empires At War Empires At War